Credit: Christina Aycock/ Science

Credit: Christina Aycock/Science

Valerie Altounian is a science illustrator currently residing in Austin, TX, by way of Washington, DC. After receiving her BFA in Medical Illustration in 2013 from Rochester Institute of Technology, she began work as a Scientific Illustrator for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which publishes the print-and-online journal Science, and several online sister journals.

Through hundreds of illustrations and graphics, Val has learned to speak the languages of both scientists and artists, and find the delicate balance between clarity and quantity of information.

On a fast-paced production schedule, Val works with the editorial staff and contributing scientists to create original 2D and 3D illustrations and infographics for both print and online.

Being able to efficiently research, digest, and problem-solve any topic is vital to her daily operations. Often, a project will not only require learning new scientific information, but also new technical skills or artistic media in order to create the right visual.

With first-hand access to the newest research, she is often tasked with visualizing that which has never been seen before.