A Spinner's Secret

A Spinner's Secret


30 October 2017

The golden orb-weaver spider has a lot going on. With 7 kinds of silk glands in its abdomen, it is well-equipped to build extremely strong webs. This graphic aims to show the diversity of the structure and function of these glands. The silk produced in each gland serves a unique purpose in the web from capturing and wrapping prey to acting as the framing of the web. At the cellular level, different molecular motifs may explain the superb strength of the silk.

Made with Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator

Winner of a Malofiej Bronze award in 2018, category Feature, Full-page Infographic. The Malofiej Awards have since 1993 given recognition to the best infographics published in print and on-line across the globe.

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