Synthetic chromosomes

Synthetic chromosomes


10 March 2017

Illustration of a hypothetical yeast genome structure model encompassing all synthetic chromosomes (gold) completed to date (white, native chromosomes). One-third of the chromosomes in the yeast genome have now been designed and synthesized by the Synthetic Yeast Genome Project (Sc2.0). A three-dimensional model of the chromosomes was generated with the Hi-C method. An "envelope" (thick tube shapes) represents the population of chromosome-interacting molecules; translucent tips reveal a 30-nanometer fiber modeled inside.

Experimental data: RSG Group/Institut Pasteur; Data processing: J. Mozziconacci, R. Koszul, and J. D. Boeke; Illustration: Valerie Altounian/Science

Made with Cinema 4D, Python.

For the story behind the cover and introductory spread images, see here.

Association of Medical Illustrators Award of Merit

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